"dean just broke up with Cas, that was a reference! OMG the fairy was destiel reference. OMG Everything is DESTIEL IN THIS EPISODE’

I am sorry but did some people actually WATCH this absolutely fun episode without their shipper goggles on?


No, sorry. Rewatch Torn & Frayed, then this episode and come back when you don’t have your shipper goggles on. Not every reference is destiel or any ship. If you were to actually really watch it and not bemoan a lack of Cas or shipping mention, this was about the brothers trying to have fun and at most, Amelia and Benny as reminders as to what they’ve both given up: Sam, a love interest, Dean, a friend.Yes, Dean/Charlie parallels. Yes. Because we need them but not for the sake of shipping.

But why the assumption to Destiel or any other ship rather than good old fashion individuality in the characters… I won’t know…

I refuse to watch this more lighthearted episode get transformed into a sad attempt at shipping your OTP.

I Refuse.

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  2. lorelyrra said: Thank you. I finally closed out the Supernatural tag because I was so tired of people freaking out and making that episode into Destiel foreshadowing. It’s so annoying
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  5. benjaminlafitte said: I feel you. Majority of people are turning this episode into destiel and I usually don’t mind it but it’s starting to get a bit annoying. I’m pretty sure they(the show) were referring to his friendship with Benny.
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